First Pre-Production Cadillac LYRIQ Rolls Off Assembly Line in China


Cadillac reached another electric vehicle milestone today in China with the start of pre-production of the LYRIQ at SAIC-GM’s Cadillac plant in Shanghai.

The first all-electric vehicle from GM’s luxury brand has now entered its final stage of development in China before mass production and deliveries to customers. This stage includes optimizing the manufacturing process, conducting reliability tests and carrying out local validation of various vehicle functions including infotainment system and driver assist technology to ensure the highest level of craftsmanship and quality.

“I want to thank the team for doing an excellent job to achieve this important milestone during this critical period of time,” said Chris Biggs, vice president of Cadillac in China. “It’s a strong testament to our world-class manufacturing.”

He added, “Today takes us one big step closer to enabling our customers to enjoy the industry-leading EV technology and luxury experience that only Cadillac can offer.”

The LYRIQ is built on GM’s ground-breaking Ultium platform. Its rear-drive long-range luxury variant that will be available in the domestic market has a China Light-Duty Vehicle Test Cycle (CLTC) range of over 650 kilometers. Its standard features include a 33-inch-diagonal LED infotainment screen, large panoramic glass dome and GM’s Super Cruise driver assist technology with lane-changing capability.

Cadillac opened pre-sales of the LYRIQ in China last November. In just one hour, more than 1,000 preorders were received. Deliveries of the LYRIQ to customers will commence in mid-2022.