General Motors to Launch The Durant Guild in China

– A Lifestyle Platform for Iconic Imports


SHANGHAI – General Motors announced today it will launch a lifestyle platform, The Durant Guild, to enable the availability of iconic import products across China.

The Durant Guild, with a dedicated community at its core, will curate an iconic collection of GM’s most elite products across multiple brands in a direct-to-consumer model. It will also identify and co-create value-added possibilities with members around automobile ownership and lifestyles.

Named after automotive industry pioneer and GM founder William “Billy” Durant, The Durant Guild pays tribute to Durant’s fearless spirit and creation of a system in which multiple marques are held – each seemingly independent, with different automobile lines – through a unified company.

“The Durant Guild will unite GM’s most iconic nameplates and unique experiences under one platform,” said Julian Blissett, GM executive vice president and president of GM China. “It will enable us to enter new market segments in China, serving the more diverse needs of our discerning Chinese customers.”

Starting from September 9, The Durant Guild will host a one-week pop-up exhibit in Shanghai to showcase a range of full-size SUVs, pickup trucks and performance cars, as expressive proof points of the lifestyles and driving experiences they represent. The vehicles on display will include the GMC HUMMER EV and Yukon, and Chevrolet Tahoe, Silverado and Corvette.

“The Durant Guild is a social, cultural and creative platform that will break new ground and seek to redefine our relationship with customers,” said Felix Weller, president and managing director of The Durant Guild. “It will provide vehicles that fit seamlessly, emphasizing or enhancing the customer lifestyle.”

About The Durant Guild

The Durant Guild is a lifestyle platform created by General Motors for its Premium Import business in China. It is an ultimate American automobile expression that curates an iconic collection of vehicles, co-creates possibilities with a community of fearless spirited individuals, elevates brand and product experiences, and creates intimate and deeper connections with mobility. Visit or The Durant Guild’s WeChat to explore more.

About the logo

The logo of The Durant Guild is based on the signature of William Durant, founder of General Motors. By layering different historic documents from various periods of Durant’s work that contain his signature, the core characteristics of his handwriting have been made visible. Durant‘s name is now the ultimate signature for GM’s most elite products and a promise of aspiration to its customers.